Delarosa Aesthetics


Nantucket, Massachusetts

1. Relaxation Massage
– 60-minute session: $180
– 90-minute session: $250
– Experience a gentle, rhythmic massage that relieves stiffness and fatigue while enhancing circulation. This massage is tailored to your specific needs.

2. Deep Tissue Massage
– 60-minute session: $220
– 90-minute session: $270
– Receive a therapeutic massage targeting deep layers of muscle tissue, relieving tension, pain, and restricted movement. This massage also helps eliminate muscle knots.

3. Prenatal Massage
– 60-minute session: $180
– Designed specifically for expectant mothers, this massage relieves lower back tension and reduces swelling in the hands and feet.

4. Couples Massage
– 60-minute session: $400
– 90-minute session: $490
– Enjoy a soothing massage of your choice alongside your partner or companion.

5. Hot Stone Massage
– 90-minute session: $290
– Indulge in the warmth of Basalt rocks that relax and soothe your muscles, allowing for a deeper massage with gentle pressure.

**Additional information:**
– All massages include the option to select from a range of aromatherapy oils.
– Experience deep tissue pressure focusing on meridian lines, polarity, and cranial sacral work.

Please note that these prices and services are specific to Delarosa Aesthetics at Nantucket and may vary slightly.