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Crafted with a pure fusion of nourishing botanicals packed with antioxidants, moisturizing natural oils, naturally sourced tanning agents, and other beneficial ingredients to provide you with more than just a tan – an extraordinary skin therapy session. Each item in our collection is free from parabens, enriched with naturally derived DHA, and perfect for those embracing a vegan lifestyle.


Experience our revolutionary 1 Hour Express Tan formula infused in each Pro Spray Mist, featuring quad bronzing technology that accelerates the tanning process while granting you complete control over the desired depth of your tan. For a natural sun-kissed glow, leave it on for just 1 hour. Opt for 2 hours to achieve a medium tan, or extend the application time to 3+ hours for a richer, deeper result. The choice is yours!

Experience the goodness of skin-loving ingredients in every custom-formulated Pro Spray Mist. Our PETA-approved formulas are enriched with moisturizing antioxidants and oils, such as argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, coconut water, shea butter, and more. Rest assured, our paraben-free blends contain 100% natural DHA and are vegan friendly. Delarosa Aesthetics prioritizes what goes into our products as much as the exceptional results they deliver.

*Leave on 1 hour for natural results; 2 hours for medium results; or 3+ hours for darker, deeper results.*

Signature Spray Tan Full Body

30 minutes @ $40.00 Mobile, Al

30 minutes per person, and you must book for a party of 5 at this location @ $50.00 per person Pensacola, Fl 

30 minutes @ $70 Nantucket, MA